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LAUNCH is AMPED’s platform for students to contribute to the goal of reaching critical mass for chiropractic. Imagine how much better the world can be if everyone embraced chiropractic!

We see a revolution of radical individuals creating a generational shift in the current culture of chiropractic as we know it. The power is in your hands to address the gaps that exist in chiropractic education today.

What gap are we referring to? Let’s explain the disconnect in today’s education that exists somewhere between philosophy, science and art. Currently, if one were to draw the “three-legged stool” upon which chiropractic is supposed to be founded upon, one would draw an enormous science leg, a tiny art leg, and a nearly non-existent philosophical leg. This stool would never stand, just as many chiropractors coming through this system are never stable in their beliefs or best practice choices.

A common thread exists: to serve the community, serve our team, and serve our families. Regardless of technique, philosophical leanings, or scientific proficiency, each of us is united by our hopes and dreams of being successful doing something we love with people we appreciate. Why not, then, use business education, entrepreneurial principles, and leadership skills to unite many of the fractured camps within chiropractic? When a strong fourth leg is introduced into the picture, we may feel as if we can depend less upon “evidence-based-medicine” and nothing else, and much more upon the philosophy that the body was designed to heal itself, and that the adjustment is the job of the chiropractor, not serving as the wellness coach. The wellness lifestyle model of today has created a toothless chiropractic profession and has proven that when you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

Make a Difference in Chiropractic

Come to the next LAUNCH event on your campus and join the revolution!

The Fall 2018 LAUNCH Tour will be a high impact event and we want you to attend.

  • September 7 – Launch @ Sherman
  • September 14 – Launch @ Davenport
  • September 21 – Launch @ Minneapolis
  • September 21 – Launch @ Seneca Falls
  • September 28 – Launch @ Kansas City
  • September 29 – Launch @ Logan
  • October 5 – Launch @ Parker
  • October 19 – Launch @ Life
  • October 19 – Launch @ Life West
  • November 16 – Launch @ Florida


We believe in creating critical mass in Principled Chiropractic with one successful practice at a time.