Kickoff 2020

Kickoff 2020 With AMPED

Join Us At The Most Relevant Live Event In Chiropractic

Introducing… AMPED Meet Ups! (Coming Summer 2019!)

What is a Meet Up?

A Meet Up is a regional social event, hosted by an established AMPED chiropractor, that intends to bring together other AMPED doctors in the area as an opportunity for deeper relationships within the AMPED community.

In AMPED, we don’t want anyone to feel isolated throughout their chiropractic journey. We believe you need other people in your corner who have gone through similar things and can share the words of wisdom and encouragement that you need to hear. You can find that support through AMPED Meet Ups, launching in 2019.

Meet Ups can range from a casual cookout hosted at a member’s home to a fully planned event or all-day excursion. To achieve deeper connection with chiropractors and spouses in your area, Meet Ups will be limited to 40 people or less, depending on the event type and host’s capabilities.

Coming Soon to a Region Near You!

Your AMPED Leaders and mentors are arranging a fun and intimate event for your regional group to attend this Summer or Fall 2019. Be on the lookout for an emailed invitation from your Region’s Host and be prepared to ACT FAST!

Spaces are limited for 2019 Meet Ups, and tickets will sell out quickly!

Look for your chance to host a Meet Up in 2020!

*More information on the direction of AMPED Meet Ups for 2020 will be shared on our website later this year. If you have questions or concerns, please email

We’re looking forward to the Meet Ups! Remember, AMPED is a community that supports each other. No matter what!

Let’s Meet Up!

5 Important Things to Note!

  1. For the inaugural year, 2019, AMPED Leaders have been chosen to host the first Meet Up in each region. For this reason, regions will temporarily be larger and more spread-out to ensure the inclusion of all current AMPED doctors and spouses this year.
  2. If you are a current AMPED doctor, JumpStart doctor, or associate doctor in an AMPED office, you have been assigned to a Region with one of the AMPED Leaders as your Meet Up host for this year! So, be on the lookout for an invitation to an exciting, upcoming Meet Up event in your Region!
  3. Your contact information (including name, address, email, and/or contact phone) may need to be shared with the AMPED Leader who is serving as your Regional Meet Up Host. This will allow them to invite you to any Meet Ups scheduled in your area and communicate with you regarding the details of that event.
  4. Although you will be invited to all Meet Ups that occur in your Region, you may not be able to attend all Meet Ups that occur in your Region – due to schedule conflicts and/or limited available spots for a particular Meet Up. Don’t worry if you miss out on a Meet Up! There will be other future opportunities to attend!
  5. Meet Ups will only be offered for AMPED doctors and their spouses/families. AMPED JumpStart doctors and Associate doctors are included in Meet Ups! (Associate doctors are invited to attend their practice’s assigned regional Meet Up). Meet Ups will not be offered for AMPED chiropractic students at this time. Elite Members will have 1 week early access to RSVP to their Region’s Meet Up events before other docs!