Don't Hire an Associate Doc without this Program

Proven Step-by-Step Program for Associate Chiropractors


Video Training Modules

Our Associate classroom includes online video-based modules focused on chiropractic procedures, the optimization of your team or the marketing of the practice. The Associate Training Program includes these modules:

  • Making a Splash
  • Developing a Marketing Attack
  • A Wave of Momentum
  • Consistency is Key

AMPED Hangouts

The AMPED Hangouts and pop-up calls are where you can ask questions on any aspect of your practice.


Live Events

AMPED Live Events take place in different locations nationwide and include the following:

  • Doctors Social
    A private networking event for members only where JumpStart members are welcome to pick the brains of established AMPED doctors.
  • Saturday Live Event
    Full day of training for doctors and students focused on creating a successful practice.
  • Sunday Live Event
    Focused on cutting-edge tactics and strategies for growing a thriving practice.
  • Events held in Denver, Atlanta, and other selected locations.

What You Don’t Learn in School


Student Program


Make the best use of your time as a student and learn what it takes to become a successful chiropractor and entrepreneur.

Open Your Dream Practice


JumpStart Program


Let us be your guide as we take you step-by-step through the process of opening a thriving practice that is successful right from the start.

Revive Your Practice




Unhappy with your progress? Change your mindset and reboot your practice with the AMPED best practices.