AMPED – Advanced Mentorship Program for Entrepreneurial Development

At AMPED, each of us – Dr. Jeremy Hess, Dr. Amanda Hess, Dr. Michael Viscarelli, and Tara Viscarelli – achieved success in our practices – despite the odds – because of sheer dedication and hard work. Now, we want to pay it forward by sharing our proven methods of success with you so that you can beat the odds too. Whether you’re a recent graduate of chiropractic school, an existing chiropractic student or an existing, struggling chiropractor, we want to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams of running a successful chiropractic practice come true.



The AMPED Program is simply the ultimate hands-on, completely proven, mentorship and development program for chiropractors.

Featuring mentorship and development calls, video instruction through the AMPED Virtual Classroom, and incredible live events, the AMPED Program provides you with the methodologies and inspiration to grow your business at a phenomenal rate.


AMPED Memberships now available. Click for info.