Special KickStart Program for Chiropractors

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The Ultimate Hands-on, Completely Proven, Mentorship and Development Program for Chiropractors

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The KickStart Program is a 12-month long program that covers topics of interest specific to chiropractors that are already in practice. You will receive access to the first module when you join. At the beginning of the next calendar month, you will be able to access the next module. This will continue each month for the duration of your membership. Upon completion of the 12-month program, you will move on to the AMPED Doctors Program.

Video Training Course
Our KickStart Program includes monthly online, video-based modules focused on chiropractic procedures, the building of your team and the marketing of your practice. Each module will contain:

  • Videos on topics in the categories of Marketing, Procedures, and Team
  • Downloadable .pdf forms and reports
  • Recordings of topic specific telephone conferences or webinars
  • Other related bonus videos

Note: You will receive 4 months of monthly video content in the KickStart Program section of your AMPED platform. This occurs in parallel with your 12 months of modules in the AMPED Fundamentals section.

Google Hangout Mentoring Sessions
Monthly Hangouts

  • KickStart specific calls where we will cover KickStart topics in-depth and offer you the opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of your practice.
  • Open topic calls where you can ask us questions about the content that you are studying and issues you encounter.
Live Events
AMPED Live Events take place in different locations nationwide. They typically span 3 days and include the following:

  • Friday – AMPED Friday Night Social
  • Saturday – AMPED Conference (Full day)
  • Sunday – AMPED “Live Virtual Classroom”

For AMPED event info, please see

Unlimited Emails and Periodic Check in Calls

Our goal is to provide you with access to all the information you need to succeed, when you need it – and through unlimited email access, that is possible. Periodic check-in calls enable us to see how you’re doing and how everything is running in your practice. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that have been plaguing you and for us to address any concerns that you may have. We are so confident in the proven systems offered through our program that there is no long-term obligation whatsoever. While all services are considered fully rendered at the close of each calendar month, you may cancel your participation in the program at any time, with no further obligation.

Click to Join the KickStart Program at $597/month