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We represent a group of radical individuals who believe together we can take chiropractic back to its roots of being pure. We believe in people that are prepared, that operate with excellence and inspiration. We believe in creating a revolt against the slow and steady degradation of the message of chiropractic, its schools and most importantly the students within the four walls of those chiropractic institutions.
Our vision is in rallying students, gathering and connecting all the table-turners in our profession, the crazy ones who believe that together we can cause an actual movement. A movement that creates a healthy generation of chiropractic students and young doctors, which translates into successful offices that are counter culture because of the amount of people they are able to serve and the profitability of their business systems.
We believe that LAUNCH will culminate with an annual gathering of like minded people, who have a heart and desire to see chiropractic take its rightful place in healthcare. We believe that young students, young doctors or the young at heart can and must be willing to take a stand and join our revolution.

Launch live events present a combination of the following mentors:

Dr. Michael Viscarelli, Colorado

  • 1300 a week by his first year open in practice
  • Serving 500 patients a week 1st month in practice
  • 120 new patients 1st week in practice
  • One of the fastest growing practices in the world
  • Advanced certified proficient in Torque Release Technique
  • Co-Founder of AMPED
  • Co-Founder of Launch Tour
  • Co-Founder of Minute Mindset
  • Co-Founder of The Mind Tweak
  • Co-Founder of the JumpStart Program
  • Co-Founder of the Associate JumpStart Program
  • Co-Founder of the KickStart Program
  • Member of IFCO and ICA

Dr. Erik Brower, New York

  • Currently owns Innate Chiropractic, located in Newburgh, NY
  • Innate Chiropractic was named Start Up Business of the year by the Orange County Chamber of Commerce
  • The office is currently consistently seeing over 1000 patient visits a week and has been open for 5 years. It is a team driven, family based practice that he runs with his wife Dana. They have two small children.
  • Was named top Influential People in his county under 40 by his Chamber
  • Hosted numerous highly successful events in the office and community. They specialize in large scale community outreach projects.
  • He utilizes TRT

Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess, Atlanta

  • Largest practice in Georgia serving 1000 + a week for over 8 years
  • Referral practice seeing lots of babies, children, and families
  • Utilize Thompson, Upper Cervical specific, and Gonstead
  • Lifetime members of the ICA
  • Members of IFCO & ICPA
  • Authors of “Baby Designed by God” & “Woman Designed by God”
  • Co-Founder of AMPED
  • Co-Founder of Minute Mindset
  • Co-Founder of The Mind Tweak
  • Co-Founder of the JumpStart Program
  • Co-Founder of the Associate JumpStart Program
  • Co-Founder of the KickStart Program
  • Co-Founder of Launch Tour

Drs. Jacob and Laura Sims, Colorado

  • Serving 650 a week
  • Largest practice in Western Colorado
  • Town population of 5,800
  • Husband and wife team
  • Life grad 2007

Dr. Erik Kowalke, Michigan

  • 40% Pediatric Practice Serving over 1000 a week in under 4 years
  • One of the largest family referral based practices in the state of Michigan
  • Previous Mechanical Engineer who designed and built his own practice
  • Paid off all business loans before 1 year in practice
  • Dr. Erik’s wife Shannon, works in the office, manages the team, and home schools their 4 children
  • Advanced Certified in Torque Release Technique
  • ICPA member and lifetime member of the ICA
  • Graduated in 2011 from Life University